Robobrew V3 - Canadian Edition

Robobrew V3 - Canadian Edition

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Robobrew V3 - Canadian Edition (Model CA-8965V3)

The Robobrew V3 is the newest entrant into the market for all-in-one all-grain electric brewing systems.This system is perfect for beginners or experienced brewers alike. With the Robobrew you can brew from scratch without the expense and extra equipment needed for traditional home brewing setups. All you need is this system and a fermentation pail. Compared to other units on the market this one is more affordable without decreased value or quality.

We have the latest version that has significant improvements over the others on the market. Don't be fooled by other companies selling other systems or versions, this is an exclusive model to Everwood Ave Brew Shop and its partner retailers and includes many upgrades that were specially added for our units. Our price may be a bit higher, but the value is much greater.

The Robobrew has all of the important features that allow for an easy, self-container all-grain brewing experience. These include:

  • The NEW V3 control panel allows for up to 6 different steps and temperatures for a fully controllable mash.
  • Dual elements that combined provide 1500W of heating power. Yet can be plugged into a regular kitchen outlet.
  • Magnetic-drive pump to recirculate the wort through the mash.
  • Immersion Chiller for easy, fast cooling of the post-boil wort.
  • Easy to use, and easy to clean Grain Basket for removing grain after the mash so the boil can begin.
  • Digital Control Panel with simplified buttons and a large LCD Display. Features delay-timer, is now completely water-proof
  • Complete Tubing Kit - Other versions require you to purchase additional tubing, ours comes with it in the sealed box!
  • Quick Disconnect fittings on all connections, why fumble with clamps and threaded fittings when ours is fast, efficient and easy.

What makes our version better than the rest? Well, we worked exclusively with the original manufacturer to identify and improve many aspects of this system These are:

  • Large Diameter Immersion Chiller - A must-have for time savings and cooling efficiency
  • Tubing Kit Included - Now it's truly an all-in-one. Watch out for other vendors who want you to spend more money
  • Quick-Disconnect Camlock Fittings - Raising the bar for ease-of-use
  • V3 Control Panel with added features and enhanced water-proofing.
  • More Robust handles - Never have a lid or boiler fall again.


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 35 L (9 Gallon) Capacity
  • Digital Control Panel
  • 110V Power and Plug
  • 1500W of heating (500W & 1000W Dual Element)
  • Stainless Steel Ball Valve as optional drain port
  • Immersion Chiller Included (inquire about upgrade to the Counter-Flow Chiller)
  • Internal Volume Markings
  • Tempered Glass Lid with Improved Handles
  • Magnetic Drive Pump
  • Recirculation Arm with Quick-Disconnects
  • All Tubing Required is Included
  • This Product is Available on Pre-Order only.

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