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Natural Gas Conversion Kit

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Blichmann Natural Gas Conversion Kit for Floor Burner. 

For brewers with access to Natural Gas, eliminating the hassle of purchasing propane tanks can eradicate one more brew day task. To accept natural gas feeds, the Natural Gas Conversion Kit modifies Blichmann Burners and includes an orifice and needle valve for control of gas flow and flame height.

Blichmann TopTier™ Burners run great on natural gas! Due to the lower energy content of natural gas compared to propane, a 15% reduction in output can be anticipated. While a decrease will occur, plenty of heating power will remain and an output rating of approximately 60,000 BTU/hr can be expected.

Conversion requires 6 inches of water column gas pressure, a typical pressure value for residential locations. To confirm, consult the local gas provider. However - Blichmann does NOT recommend installing this product indoors! Consult the manual for required minimum distances from structures.

For stand burners, simply switch out the orifice and remove the propane regulator.

We do recommend hiring a professional plumber to install the gas to your stand, ensuring the installation is in agreement with local codes. Newly piped in gas feed requires a separate gas shutoff valve and is not included with the Conversion Kit.

Once the Conversion Kit has been installed, the propane regulator and propane orifice included as standard equipment with the burner will no longer be needed. Store the propane orifice and regulator in an easily accessible location, especially as an unforeseen and future situation may dictate refitting the burner to use propane.

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