Essencia Super 6 Ultra Pure Yeast



This is a new generation of yeast for high alcohol fermentations.
It has been developed to combine the benefits of the many ‘Turbo’ style yeasts and remove some major problems associated with those yeasts.
Compared with a ‘Turbo’ yeast, Super 6 ultra-pure produces much higher quality alcohol in greater quantity per kg of sugar. It will tolerate a wide temperature range and, being urea free, does not produce the by-product Urethane. 


· Highest quality

· Ultra low volatile production (by-products)

· Will ferment 6kg of sugar in a 25lt wash out to 15 – 17% ABV.

· Best conversion rate of any yeast on the market.

· Urea Free – does not produce Urethane, a known carcinogen

· It is now illegal to sell yeasts using urea as a nutrient, but Super 6 ultra-pure has always produced superior results without resorting to the use of Urea.

Other Features
· Wide temperature range, 15 – 35 C.

· Minimal temperature spike

· Minimal odour throughout fermentation

· Excellent clearing properties

· Minimal sediment

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Category: Brew Supply, no-timer, no-upsell, Spirits

Type: Yeast

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