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Stainless Steel Camlock Type F - Male Camlock x 1/2" Male NPT

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Stainless Steel Type F Camlock - 1/2" Male Camlock x 1/2" Male NPT

Typically connected to the output of brew pots or mash-tuns (can also be used in a weldless system). Also popular on pumps and ports of plate chillers.

Compatible with Type B,C,D & Dust Cap.

Note Regarding "Fit":

Some may find that occasionally the male and female camlocks can be a little more difficult to connect than usual from time to time. Specifically, that it can take some more effort to close the locking cam arms. In many cases this can be attributed to manufacturing tolerances from lot to lot. Something as simple as the thickness of the gasket can affect how much pressure is needed to push on the cam arms. If you find your mating pair to be difficult to close, consider the following tips before requesting a replacement or return:

• Be sure to close both cam arms simultaneously, not one at a time.

• While closing the cam arms, push the two fittings together to compress the gasket slightly.

• A small amount of lubricant on the cams where the grooves contact helps (anything food grade such as vasoline to keg lube will work).

• Break in the gaskets by leaving the mating pair connected for a few days, making it easier to re-connect in the future.

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