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Blichmann BoilerMaker HopBlocker

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Blichmann Engineering BoilerMaker HopBlocker
The Blichmann Hop Blocker is best choice for your BoilerMaker when keeping out hop pellets from entering your fermentor. Blichmann Engineering repeatedly tested this product to find that 90-95% of hop material is left behind after transferring! And that's without any clogging or getting stuck.
The HopBlocker is a two stage filtration, the first is a coarse filter drawing liquid from above the level of the hop sediment. The second is a fine filter for the thick liquid near the bottom of the kettle. This works by simply whirlpooling your wort and drain until getting closer to the bottom. Pull up the screen using the hook to engage the fine filter. While pulling up on the hook, hold the HopBlocker down while doing so.
The HopBlocker measures 5.625" tall by 3.75" wide at the base.

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