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25′ Stainless Steel Immersion Wort Chiller by Goldsteam

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* Chiller Material: 304 Stainless Steel

* Tubing Outer Diameter: 1/2″

* Coil Dimensions (Diameter & Height): 9.5″ x 5″

* Chiller Overall Height: 19″

* Attachments: 1/2″ Female NPT

The Bentley of immersion chillers! This 304 stainless steel immersion wort chiller has a whopping 1/2″ outside diameter that allows a greater amount of water to flow through with a much larger surface contact area than it’s 3/8″ OD little brother. This cooler is designed to cool 5 gallons of wort in as little as 15 minutes (water temp dependent), though it can cool larger batches without any trouble! It’s made from 25 feet of 1/2 inch OD (outside diameter) stainless steel tubing with welded brass 1/2″ female NPT fittings. For garden hose attachment, visit any hardware store and ask for a 1/2″ to 3/4″ GHT attachment.

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