Yeast Liquid

The range of available strains is the greatest benefit of liquid yeast. Any strain can be collected and cultured for use by homebrewers. However, because liquid yeast is a live culture, it is usually more expensive and is much more perishable. Yeast shipped by mail order usually has a practical shelf life of 3 months (sometimes longer) and can be adversely affected or destroyed by temperatures above 90 F. There are also fewer cells per pack than dry yeast, so when making a beer with a gravity above 1.060 (or when making any lager) the yeast should ideally be “grown” by making a yeast starter before brewing day. Using multiple packs of liquid yeast can also accomplish this same goal.

Making a Starter Recommendations (Courtesy of White Labs)

Making a Starter Recommendations

*Liquid Yeast will only be available for Customer Pick Up and Local Delivery

Omega Yeast Labs Pre-Order Form

Chicago based Omega Yeast Labs has several very interesting yeast products that are unique to them. We are very excited to offer a pre-order program for these products to come to Canada. To make our orders viable we require a total of 20 yeasts to place our order with them. There is no minimum to you the brewer just that you have to wait till we get to that amount before the whole order goes in. Once we get to the 20 orders we will contact you and provide an approximate arrival date. We plan on this being an ongoing program with us ordering every time we hit the 20 yeast mark. There are several price points for these products but each one has the price listed on the form.