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Today Fraser Mills launched our Pioneers Club program. The core proposition is that folks who get in early will get way more Fraser Mills delightfulness for their dollar than those who hesitate.

Yep, it helps us out by getting some early cash—always a great thing when you’re opening a big ol’ business.

But more than that, it’s our way of welcoming our community—old friends and new, people from our neighbourhood and city, and everyone who loves great beer served in a friendly atmosphere—into our place with an awesome deal.

How awesome? We’ll multiply your buy-in by 1.5 times when you go in for as low as two hundred dollars. Yes, your two bills will turn into three in our tasting room, like magic! And we’ll throw in a branded growler and a T-shirt, as well as early access to special brews, insider scoops on good stuff, and an invite to our friends and family opening.

And it goes up from there, as far as doubling your money and hauling down an impressive array of growlers, glassware and wardrobe, depending on the Pioneer Membership you choose.

It’s a fantastic deal, but there are limited numbers of spaces available, and they’re going to sell out—hurry in today to make sure you get your awesome deal, and we’ll see you at the opening party.

And if you have any questions about becoming a Pioneer, come by and talk to us, email us at or give us a call at 604 461 8891

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